Based on research and analysis of learning, cognition and psychology of people, we aim at application to interface design, visualization method and cognitive model.

Touch-Shake: A Physical Contact Support Device for Face-to-Face Communication

Reporting Solo: A Design of Supporting System for Solo Live Reporting

Wearable Piano:Realizing Wearable Fashion Collaborating with Piano

Wearable Projector Selection Method Considering the Viewability of Projected Image

Construction of a Context-aware System Considering Energy Consumption for Wearable Computing

A Ubiquitous Optical Device Collectively Controlled with a Projector

A Sensor Management Device for Wearable Computing

A Prototyping Support System for the Creation of Painted Musical Instruments

Design and Implementation of a Wearable Dancing Musical Instrument

A Visual Effects Management System Controlled by Performer’s Motion for Dance Performances

Performer Support Methods for Interactive Visual Performances

TEMPEST: A Text Input System with Musical Expression

Wearable DJ System: a New MotionControlled DJ System

Construction of a Text Input Interface using a Portable Clavier for Pianists

Design and Implementation of Mobile Clavier with Additional Black Keys

UnitKeyboard: An Easily Configurable Compact Clavier

UnitInstruments: Easy Configurable Musical Instruments

Airstic Drum: Construction of a Drumstick for Integration of Real and Virtual Drums