Hirata Takegawa Laboratory in Future University Hakodate

Thank you for visiting our website. Our laboratory was newly established in 2013. The faculty staff are Keiji Hirata(Professor) and Yoshinari Takegawa(Associate Professor).

We put forward Design Intelligence as a major theme of research. Design intelligence refers to the intelligence used to produce things, with a purpose or intention in mind. People are designing on a daily basis. For example, when making  slides for a presentation, playing an instrument, or writing a blog or tweet. Until recently, it has been difficult for a computer to design like a human being, however the development and advancement of technology has enabled us to see the possibility of overcoming these difficulties. In our laboratory, we focus on five  themes, as  research that brings Design Intelligence to computers, and we are studying from various aspects such as system design and theory construction, and their application.

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