Five Research Themes

Music Theory

Keywords:GTTM, Musical Audio Signals, Structure Analysis of Music, Playing Instruments, DTM

We formally examine the mechanism of the intelligence that people exercise when listening to music and the mechanism of the intelligence by which people compose and play music, and propose a model of thereof.

Currently only in Japanese


Keywords:Analysis of Communication, Multimodal Information, Elaboration Support, Word2Vec

We are working on the construction of a question-answering and recommendation system, information search, reading support, and so on, by structural analysis included in natural language.

Currently only in Japanese


Keywords:Learning System, Cognitive Chunk, Skill Improvement Prediction, Multimedia

How are people working on creative activities?

From observation, we aim to elucidate the mastery process of this and devise ways to support proficiency.


Keywords:HCI, Psychology Experiment, Wearable Device, Face-to-face Communication

Based on research and analysis of the learning, cognition and psychology of people, we aim at application to interface design, visualization methods and cognitive model.

Public Transportation

Keywords:On-Demand Bus, Automatic Car Allocation, Ride-Sharing,

In order to realize a more comfortable public transportation system, we aim to realize a new transportation system that integrates conventional public transportation.

Currently only in Japanese