A Sensor Management Device for Wearable Computing


In wearable computing environments, a wearable computer runs various applications with various sensors (wearable sensors). Since conventional wearable systems do not manage the power supply flexibly, they consume excess power resource for unused sensors. Additionally, sensors frequently become unstable by several reasons such as breakdown of sensors. It is inadequate for application engineers to detect them only by sensing data. To solve these problems, we propose a new sensor management device CLAD (Cross-Linkage for Assembled Devices) that has various functions for power management and sensed data management. CLAD improves power saving, data accuracy, and operational reliability.


Murao, K., Takegawa, Y., Terada, T., and Nishio, S. “Design and Implementation of a Sensor Management Device for Wearable Computing,” Proceeding of IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC2006) Student Colloquium, pp. 17–19 (Oct. 2006).