Airstic Drum: Construction of a Drumstick for Integration of Real and Virtual Drums


Drums consists of various kinds of percussion instruments. As each percussion instrument is large and heavy, it is inconvenient for drummers to carry and set it up. Virtual drums, which includes motion sensors and enables drummers to imitate playing drums by stroking a virtual drum, has high portability, but drummers have difficulty in demonstrating their drum skills with virtual drums because of the lack of feedback from stroking, low sound quality, and so on. Our proposed Airstic Drum achieves high portability and performance quality by integration of real and virtual drums. Airstic Drum has a function to distinguish stroking virtual drums from stroking real drums, and it outputs digital sound only when the drummer strokes virtual drums. We have developed a prototype system and evaluated its effectiveness by actual use.


Kanke, H., Takegawa, Y., T., Terada, T., and Tsukamoto, M., “Airstic Drum: A Drumstick for Integration of Real and Virtual Drums,” Proceeding of ACM SIGCHI International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE2012), pp. 57–69 (Nov. 2012).