Construction of a Context-aware System Considering Energy Consumption for Wearable Computing


In wearable computing environments, a wearable computer runs various applications using various wearable sensors. In the area of context awareness, though various systems use multiple accelerometers to recognize very minute motions and states, energy consumption was not taken into consideration. We propose a context-aware system that reduces energy consumption. The proposed system changes sensor combination in terms of energy consumption and accuracy, and turns unused sensors off. Even if the number of sensors changes, no extra classifiers or training data are required because the data for shutting off sensors is complemented by our proposed algorithm. By using our system, power consumption can be reduced without large losses in accuracy.


Murao, K., Terada, T., Takegawa, Y., and Nishio, S. “A Context-Aware System that Changes Sensor Combinations Considering Energy Consumption” Proceeding of IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing, pp. 197–212, (May 2008).