Construction of a Text Input Interface using a Portable Clavier for Pianists


Recently, due to the miniaturization of computers, wearable computing has attracted great attention. Several text input interfaces for wearable computing have been already proposed. However, since they are not specialized to specific users, they do not achieve enough easiness to use and input efficiency. Therefore, the goal of our study is to construct a text input method specialized to pianists by exploiting the characteristics of pianist and clavier. The proposed method achieves the simplicity and the efficiency by restricting users to pianists. We have developed a prototype system and evaluated its effectiveness. As the result of evaluation, the proposed interface achieves the twice efficiency as that in Twiddler, the most commonly used text input interface in wearable computing environments.


Takegawa, Y., Terada, T., and Nishio, S. “A Text Input Interface using a Portable Clavier for Pianists,” Proceeding of IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC2007), pp. 99–102, (Oct. 2007).