Performer Support Methods for Interactive Visual Performances


Recently, the performances combined performer’s action and projected images have attracted a great deal of attention. However, since the performer has to see audiences basically, it is difficult for him/her to watch the images on a screen. It means that he/she cannot perform interactive performances in response to dynamically changing situations. Therefore, we evaluate multiple information presenting methods using wearable/nonwearable devices. We have developed a prototype system for information presenting and evaluated its effectiveness. We confirmed that the difference of devices and presenting images had various influences on the quality of performances. In addition, we evaluated the physical effects of wearable devices in performances.


Ikeda, J., Takegawa, Y., Terada, T., and Tsukamoto, M., “Evaluation on Performer Support Methods for Interactive Performances Using Projector,” iiWAS/MoMM2009 Special issue in Journal of Mobile Multimedia (JMM), Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 207–226 (Sep. 2010).