Reporting Solo: A Design of Supporting System for Solo Live Reporting


Solo videojournalism has become a popular form of reporting for many television stations and online news sites. We foresee that television stations will amalgamate with Internet broadcasting services and the amount of this kind of live streaming content will increase day by day. In solo live reporting which refers to live streaming style Solo Videojounalism, a reporter will be struggling to deal with a lot of work, particularly because he/she cannot edit the report after shooting. This can be an overwhelming burden and may cause low-quality broadcasting and/or a reduction in the amount of information broadcast. The goal of our study is to design and implement a support system for solo live reporting. The functions of our proposed system, such as intuitive camera operation, time keeping, addition of captions will aid solo live reporting and increase the quality of video contents. We evaluate a working prototype through a user study. We also discuss the strong and weak points of the system and the future direction of our research.


Takegawa, Y. and Matsumura, K., “A Wearable Live Reporting System with Functions for Video Shooting, Editing and Broadcasting for Solo Reporters,” ACM CHI 2015 Symposium on Emerging Japanese HCI Research Collection, pp. 1–5 (April 2015).