TEMPEST: A Text Input System with Musical Expression


Recently, due to the widespread use of computers, text-based communication methods, such as e-mail, blog, and chat, have attracted a great deal of attention. Moreover, various communication media, such as picture and movie, are used for expressing own emotion. If pianists can apply their musical expressions to the text input, they can input texts with their own emotion richly. Therefore, the goal of our study is to construct TEMPEST (TExt input and Musical PErforming SysTem) that is a text input system to input texts with various musical expressions by using a MIDI keyboard. Since this system provides text input methods considering musical artistry, a performer can input texts like playing music. As the result of a questionnaire evaluation, it proves that proposed methods have high effectiveness for expressing emotion in inputting texts.


Takegawa, Y., Terada, T., and Nishio, S. “TEMPEST: A Text Input System for Musical Performers,” Proceeding of International Conference on Entertainment Computing (ICEC2006), pp. 322–325 (Sept. 2006).