Touch-Shake: A Physical Contact Support Device for Face-to-Face Communication


In this study we developed the Touch-Shake, which supports physical contact for face-to-face communication. The Touch-Shake has a LED and a speaker, and is shaped like a baton. When each user holds a Touch-Shake and one user touches the body of the other, the LEDs of the Touch-Shakes turn on and the Touch-Shakes output sounds. Additionally, the output sounds and lighting pattern of LEDs vary based on how the user touches the other body, the users’ body condition, and the users’ physical attributes, which are measured using a capacitive sensor built into the Touch-Shake. The results of an evaluative experiment revealed that the subjects enjoyed physical contact with the Touch-Shake, and they were able to experience rich face-to-face communication.


Yamaguchi, Y., Yanagi, H., Takegawa, Y., “Touch-Shake: Design and Implementation of a Physical Contact Support Device for Face-to-Face Communication,” Proceeding of IEEE Global Conference on Consumer Electronics (GCCE2013), pp. 170–174 (Oct. 2013).