Wearable DJ System: a New MotionControlled DJ System


The recent reappreciation of music has helped to reestablish the need for the Disk Jockey(DJ), which is someone who selects and plays music. The DJ selects the music, smoothly changes from one song to another, applies sound effects to the music, and this in turn excites the audience. However, conventional DJs cannot get away from the booth because of all the equipment, and thus they are unable to freely perform. Therefore, in this study, we propose a Wearable DJ system that solves this problem that uses wearable computing and gesture recognition technologies. The proposed system enables DJs to perform DJ techniques by performing intuitive gesture operations using wearable acceleration sensors. We have actually used the proposed system on several event stages such as Kobe Luminarie 2007 in Japan. We have evaluated the accuracy of its gesture recognition by changing the parameters and have confirmed its effectiveness.


Tomibayashi, Y., Takegawa, Y., Terada, T., and Tsukamoto M., “Wearable DJ System: a New Motion-Controlled DJ System,” Proceeding of ACM SIGCHI International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE2009), pp.132–139 (Oct. 2009).