A Piano Learning Support System Considering Motivation


Beginners often give up practicing the piano because of the difficulty of acquiring piano techniques such as reading a score, correct keying, and proper fingering. There are several learning support systems such as a lighted keyboard which indicates the next note to be played by turning the corresponding key red. However, these systems are strict in regard to learners’ mistakes, and it does not show the next key to press when a learner has pressed an incorrect key. When the learner makes a mistake again and again, he/she grows annoyed and loses motivation because he/she cannot progress to the next step. Therefore, the goal of our study is to construct a piano learning support system considering the learner’s motivation. The proposed system varies the error margin of keying focused on a process of reading a score, and it offers several learning methods which have different degrees of error margin. We have developed a prototype system, and evaluated its effectiveness through actual use of the system. We found that it had significant advantages over the comparative method in terms of motivation, and the same degree of learning effectivity of keying accuracy as the comparative method.


Fukuya, Y., Takegawa, Y., Yanagi, H., “A Piano Learning Support System Considering Motivation,” Proceeding of International Computer Music Conference (ICMC2013), pp. 62–68 (Aug. 2013).