Analysis of a Chunk-Based Learning Process in a Piano Learning Support System


Beginners often give up practicing the piano because of the difficulty of acquiring piano techniques such as reading a score, correct keying, and proper fingering. We developed a piano learning system to support correct keying and fingering for beginners. We observed that beginners looked at the keying position many times, and they did not comprehend the relationship between musical notations. However, they constructed musical `chunks’, by grouping together successive notes, as they practiced the trial piece. If we use this chunking model, we may be able to propose a more effective piano learning system. Therefore, the goal of our study is to analyze a chunk-based learning process in our piano learning system in order to construct a more effective learning system. We conducted an experiment to assess the process of the formation of a chunk. We found that there was a trend in the transformation of chunks among the subjects.


Takegawa, Y., Hirata, K., Tayanagi, E. and Tsubakimoto, M. “Analysis of a Chunk-Based Learning Process in a Piano Learning Support System,” Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Media and Technology (EdMedia2015), pp. 1577–1585 (June 2015).