Evaluation of a Piano Learning Support System Focusing on the Learning Process


Beginners often give up practicing the piano because of the difficulty of acquiring piano techniques such as reading a score, correct keying, and proper fingering. Our research group developed a piano learning system to support correct keying and fingering for beginners. It uses a projector which is set above the keyboard and can display information along the entire MIDI keyboard. We have developed a prototype system, and evaluated its effectiveness through actual use of the system. We found that it had significant advantages over conventional methods. However, we cannot examine the learning process for keying technique, using this system. Therefore, the goal of our study is to evaluate the proposed learning system, focusing on the learning process. We conducted an evaluative experiment with eight participants over five successive days (30 minutes per day), using the proposed learning system. We analyzed the learning process considering not only accuracy of keying but also gaze.


Takegawa, Y., Tayanagi, E., Tsubakimoto, M., and Hirata, K., “Evaluation of a Piano Learning Support System Focusing on the Learning Process,” Proceeding of World Conference on Educational Media and Technology (EdMedia2013), pp. 2306–2314 (June 2013).