School of the Future


Our lives have been drastically changed, and will certainly continue to be changed, by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, VR (Virtual Reality), cryptocurrency, IoT, automatic driving, and so on. While the introduction of these technologies has given rise to new social problems, such as privacy and security issues, there are also many examples of improvements brought about by technology, for example increased self-expression by new SNSs, an unprecedented connection between people by new communication tools, and increased assurance and safety by driving assistance.

For we who are living in an age in which lifestyle, common knowledge and customs are being transformed more and more by technology, it is necessary to learn and apply new things each day.

School of the Future is not only for a specified age group, such as elementary school children. People out in the working world, leading busy lives, retired people spending their old age restfully, even new-born babies, all surely want to learn new skills. It is simply that the skills a person wants to learn have become varied, encompassing many fields from human relations, to fashion, to games.

For all people who feel they want to extend their own abilities, our hope is that School of the Future will tangibly contribute to enabling even just one more experience of the joy of ‘I did it!’.

Future University Hakodate Associate Professor Yoshinari Takegawa

The four categories

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Performance Design

Design to increase performers’ power of expression

Media Design

Design to record and share various school activities, to get everybody buzzing

Learning Tool Design

Design of tools to enable learners to learn efficiently

Teaching Method Design

Design of teaching methods for applications, systems and games that support learning